SibFU Journal. Biology: Aims & Scope

“Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology” is a multidisciplinary periodical which publishes peer-reviewed, original papers that describe research in all areas of biology, such as general and theoretical biology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, physiology, zoology, botany, ecology, and soil science. In addition to original papers, “Journal of SibFU. Biology” also publishes review articles, short communications, and book reviews. Proceedings of thematic symposia/workshops are eligible for publication in the journal. Before submitting such a contribution, the Editor-in-Chief should be contacted.

The sphere of knowledge that is covered by the journal – biological sciences – is rather wide and is one of the most dynamically-developed scientific fields. We should also underline a multidisciplinary character of the contemporary biological research, which is very often cross-disciplinary and therefore is based on the newest physical and chemical methods and corresponding mathematical tools. Having been acquired in various spheres of biology, fundamental and applied knowledge becomes more and more important for a sustainable development of the modern society. “Journal of SibFU. Biology” affords the scientists an opportunity to publish their results in a vast range of biological sciences – starting from molecular genetics to ecology, including multidisciplinary research at the interfaces between different sciences. This is the point that differs this periodical from the majority of highly specialized scientific journals.

The Journal is committed to publishing sound scientific research, which is of certain interest to scientists all over the world. What is special about the Journal is that it accepts articles both in Russian and in English. Thus, we achieve one of the main aims of the Journal - to make world-class data of authors from Siberia and adjacent regions available to Russian, Russian-speaking post-Soviet, and international scientific communities.