Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: Parental Values and Behavior / Intercountry Analysis

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: 2014, Vol. 7, Issue 1
Zelikova, Yuliya A.
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Zelikova, Yuliya A.:Higher School of Economics 20 Myasnitskaya, Moscow, 101000 Russia;E-mail:
family values; marriage; parents

The paper analyses the influence of parental individual values which correspond precisely to theory of modernization of Ronald Inglehart and are observed as materialistic and post-materialistic, as family values and family behavior of parents. Empirical base for research is the 5th wave of World Value Survey project. Family values are seen here as attitude of parents to marriage, single parentship and untraditional forms of parent and children cohabitation. The characteristics of family behavior are such indicators as: part of parents being in marriage (official or civil – as partnership), part of single parents, part of unworking mothers living in marriage, part of mothers working part-time, and also these characteristics which parents consider to create in their children. Variable of grouping country is the regime of social government. There are four groups of countries: countries with the liberal regime of social policy, conservative regime, social democratic regime, and post-communist countries. Research results show that the process of modernzation followed by changes of individual values leads to changes in family values, which in their turn entail changes in family and parental behavior. These changes are characterised by variety of forms of cohabitation with the partners or children, and also by strive to raise in the children certain emancipating values. The regime of social regime influences both formation of family values and choice of forms of family behavior

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