Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology

The article publication in the peer-reviewed journal is a direct reflection of the quality of the authors’ work and institutions they work at. The articles’ peer- reviewing is necessary to ensure the high quality of scientific publications, the trust of the scientific community in the research results and the adequate recognition of the authors’ merits. Therefore, it is important to harmonize the ethical principles of the parties involved in the publication process: an author, a journal editor, a reviewer, a publisher. In this regard, the editorial board of the “SibFU Journal” establishes certain ethical principles.

The journal is included in the databases “Russian Science Citation Index” and “Zoological Record”, presented on the platform “Web of Science”.

Elena Kravchuk —<br />chief editor,<br />Institute of Biophysics,<br>Russian Academy<br /> of Sciences,<br/>Siberian Branch

“Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology” is an open access peer-reviewed journal. This Journal does not charge APCs or submission charges.

Creative Commons License Articles of the Journal are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Being an independent edition, “Journal of SibFU. Biology” has been integrated into “SibFU Journals”. The sphere of knowledge that is covered by the journal – biological sciences – is rather wide and is one of the most dynamically-developed scientific fields. We should also underline a multidisciplinary character of the contemporary biological research, which is very often cross-disciplinary and therefore is based on the newest physical and chemical methods and corresponding mathematical tools. Having been acquired in various spheres of biology, fundamental and applied knowledge becomes more and more important for a sustainable development of the modern society.

“Journal of SibFU. Biology” affords the scientists an opportunity to publish their results in a vast range of biological sciences – starting from molecular genetics to ecology, including multidisciplinary research at the interfaces between different sciences. This is the point that differs this periodical from the majority of highly specialized scientific journals, and, at the same time, it gives a splendid opportunity to all the young researchers of biological profile, and, first of all, to the researchers of SibFU, to present their results and to go through a well-intentioned, but “strict” examination according to the modern rules, being accepted in the peer-reviewed scientific journals. All the submitted works undergo reviewing by at least two experts, who have world-acknowledged publications on the presented results theme. Thus, we achieve the main target of the Journal – publication of sound scientific research, which is of certain interest to the world scientific community. The editorial team has undertaken much efforts in order to improve the status of the Journal: on the one hand, it is increasing of publications’ quality via strict peer-reviewing, on the other hand – usage of the on-line system of manuscript submission, free access to publications on the Internet, and entering the modern electronic libraries and databases, for example Scholar Google, The Russian Electronic Scientific Library, and others. What is special about the Journal is that it accepts articles both in Russian and in English – the language of the world scientific community. Though, the preference is given to the works, which are written in English. It is clear that these articles will significantly widen the readership of the Journal and allow getting the research results directly over to the highly-qualified international specialists. We believe that such kind of the Journal’s organization will significantly increase the number of quotations of the published articles in other resources and, thus, it will improve the status of the Journal – it will enter international databases and provide an effective integration of the local authors’ research into the world scientific information space.

ISSN 2313-5530 (Online), ISSN 1997-1389 (Print)