Journal of Siberian Federal University. Engineering & Technologies

The publication in a peer-reviewed journal is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of authors and their institutions. Peer-reviewing of the articles makes it possible to follow the scientific school in the presenting research. Therefore it is important to harmonize the ethical principles for all parties involved in the publishing process: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher.
The journal is included in the “Russian Science Citation Index”, presented on the platform “Web of Science” Vladimir Kulagin —<br>chief editor of the<br/ >SibFU’s Journal.<br>Engineering and<br>Technology, Head of the <br />Department of Heat<br>Technology and Fluid<br /> Dynamics of Polytechnic<br>Institute of SibFU,<br>Doctor of Engineering<br>Sciences, Full Professor,<br> Honorary Worker of<br>Science and Technology<br>of the Russia

“Journal of Siberian Federal University. Engineering & Technologies” is an open access peer-reviewed journal. This Journal does not charge APCs or submission charges.

Creative Commons License Articles of the Journal are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Our Journal reflects the most mass group of engineering scientific directions. The purpose of creation of the Journal is basic research development in the field of engineering, international priority support of scientific works of tutors, employees, candidates and doctoral candidates of science and also integration of the Journal into the international informational space.

From the very start, it has been necessary to establish a high level of scientific works, being accepted for the Journal publications, in order to achieve these goals. And it has been done by means of thorough reviewing of the articles by several leading specialists in different scientific directions in the field of technical sciences.

We also have an on-line system of electronic presentation and reviewing of the works, as it is organized in the leading scientific journals. And in this case, it is not required to provide the editorial staff of the solid copy.

“SibFU’s Journal’s” materials are given on the Internet with a free access to all the articles: on the Web-site of the SibFU’s Electronic Library and on the site of the periodical. The journal is included in the “Russian Science Citation Index”, presented on the platform “Web of Science” We would like to get the content of the Journal over to the maximum possible number of specialists in the sphere of technical sciences. The main advantage of the periodical is the possibility of publication in English or in the Russian language. For the articles of the Russian-speaking authors, represented in English, the procedure of article proof-reading is provided.

ISSN 2313-6057 (Online), ISSN 1999-494X (Print)