Journal of Siberian Federal University. Chemistry / The Structure and Properties of Fe(II) 1,10-Phenanthroline-Thiobarbiturate

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Chemistry. 2020 13 (4)
Golovnev, Nicolay N.; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Sterkhova, Irina V.; Ivanenko, Timur Yu.
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Golovnev, Nicolay N.: Siberian Federal University Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation; ; Molokeev, Maxim S.: Siberian Federal University Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation; Kirensky Institute of Physics, FRC KSC SB RAS Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation; Far Eastern State Transport University Khabarovsk, Russian Federation; Sterkhova, Irina V.: Favorsky Institute of Chemistry SB RAS Irkutsk, Russian Federation; Ivanenko, Timur Yu.: Siberian Federal University Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
iron(II); 2-thiobarbituric acid; 2,2’-dipyridine; complex; structure; properties

Методом РСА определена структура (cif-file CCDC № 1831367) моноядерного комплекса [Fe(Bipy)(H2O)2(Htba)2]∙6H2O (I), где Bipy = 2,2’-дипиридил и Н2tba = 2-тиобарбитуровая кислота. Кристаллы I ромбические: a = 17.4697(7), b = 11.7738(4), c = 13.4314(5) Å, V = 2762.6(2), пр. гр. Pnma, Z = 4. В экваториальной плоскости октаэдрического комплекса расположены два атома азота молекулы Bipy и две молекулы воды, а два S-координированных иона Htba− занимают аксиальные позиции. Структура стабилизирована многочисленными водородными связями N−H∙∙∙O, O−H∙∙∙O, С−H∙∙∙O, C−H∙∙∙S и π–π-взаимодействием между молекулами Bipy и ионами Нtba−. Соединение охарактеризовано методами порошковой рентгенографии, термического анализа и ИК-спектроскопии

The structure of the mononuclear complex [Fe(Bipy)(H2O)2(Htba)2]∙6H2O (I), where Bipy – 2,2’-dipyridine, H2tba – 2-thiobarbituric acid (C4H4N2O2S), was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction technique (cif-file CCDC No. 1831367). Crystals I are rhombic: a = 17.4697 (7), b = 11.7738 (4), c = 13.4314 (5) Å, V = 2762.6(2) Å3, space group Pnma, Z = 4. Two nitrogen atoms of the Bipy molecule and two water molecules are located in the equatorial plane of the octahedral complex, and two S-coordinated Htba− ions the axial positions are occupied. The structure is stabilized by N−H∙∙∙O, O−H∙∙∙O, С−H∙∙∙O, C−H∙∙∙S intermolecular hydrogen bonds and π–π interaction between Bipy and Htba−. The compound is characterized by the methods of powder X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, and IR spectroscopy

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