Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: War, Violence and Women / a Case Study of Syrian Civil War (2013-2014)

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: 2016, Vol. 9, Issue 4
Noor, Samina
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Noor, Samina:Islamia University Bahawalpur Pakistan; E-mail:
Civil Wars; Arm Conflict; violence against women (VAW); International Relations; Rape; UNHCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Some nations have been experienced domestic armed conflict and that made the central point of the most of the research in international relations. Civil wars have became the widely used synonym for armed conflict in the world. Syria has busted in its third year of civil war which killed thousands of people and displaced millions.War is an inevitable reality of the cruel patriarchal system of male domination to oppressed other race, nations and used sexual violence against women as strategic war head. The violence against women in Syria fetched gendered security issues in the framework of international relations. This paper analysis the violence against women (VAW) in Syria should be characterized as security issue which required consideration and intervention in any way. Civil war and violence against women (VAW) not a new thing in the contemporary world where we claimed to be as civilized. Women are usually disproportionately affected by armed conflicts. During armed conflict, women have raped, brutally killed not only to threat women but also as an instrument of genocide. This research paper based on the violence against women (VAW) in current Civil War in Syria

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