Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences / Human Being: Integrity and Wholeness

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences. 2011 4 (5)
Беляев, И.А.; Belyaev, Igor А.
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Беляев, И.А. : Оренбургский государственный университет , 13 пр. Победы, Оренбург, 460018 Россия , e-mail: ; Belyaev, Igor А. : Orenburg State University , 13 Pobedy prospect, Orenburg, 460018 Russia , e-mail:
human being; integrity; types of human integrity; wholeness; goal; expedience; purposefulness

The article covers the differentiation between notions of integrity and wholeness in respect to specificity a human being as a natural, social and spiritual being. Integrity of a person is interpreted as an existence and unity of all its constituents. At that, integrity of a human being is equated to a human being, considered in all infinite variety of displays of the organism, personality and soul. The wholeness of an individual is considered as integrity with multiscale goals peculiar to him, determinacy by them, focus of all cognizable and incognizable, objective and subjective, actual and potential in them. Accepting that wholeness is a highly important feature of human integrity, the author points out two sides of it: structural and functional. Specification of a structural side can be discovered by appealing to the content of concept expedience, functional side - to that of purposefulness. The expediency represents target conditionality of integrity, conformation of its structure towards that purpose which is objectively peculiar to it and to some degree is mediated subjectively, while the purposefulness is an inclination of any functioning integrity to aim at the resulting achievement, which shows the best correlation with its purpose.

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