Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics / The Investigation of Magnetization Reversal of Free- and Pinning-layers in the Spin-Valve Structures

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics: 2012, Vol. 5, Issue 2
Kim, Petr D.; Patrin, Gennady S.; Muraschenko, Dmitry A.; Rudenko, Tatyana V.; Polyakov, Victor V.; Kim, Tatyana V.
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Kim, Petr D. : e-mail: ; Patrin, Gennady S. :; Muraschenko, Dmitry A. :; Rudenko, Tatyana V. :; Polyakov, Victor V. :; Kim, Tatyana V. :
thin films; spin-valve structures; exchange interaction; unidirectional anisotropy

Magnetic spin-valve structures are of great practical interest as sensors of weak magnetic fields, as well as switching elements of the magnetic logic. Despite the large number of experimental and theoretical work on spin-valve structures, the effects of interlayer interactions occurring in these structures at present time is not fully clarified.

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