Journal of Siberian Federal University. Engineering & Technologies / Processing of Sar Amplitude Images with Posting the Results on Web Server

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Engineering & Technologies. 2016 9 (7)
Ponomarenko, Maria R.; Pimanov, Ilya Yu.
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Ponomarenko, Maria R.: St. Petersburg Mining University 2, 21 Line, Saint Petersburg 199106, Russia; E-mail: ; Pimanov, Ilya Yu.: St. Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automation RAS 39, 14 Line, Saint Petersburg, 199178, Russia
SAR amplitude image; Sentinel-1A; COSMO-SkyMED; web cartography; Sentinel-1A; Cosmo-SkyMED

The paper presents the processing and analysis of COSMO-SkyMED and Sentinel-1A amplitude images using texture analysis, image classification, composite images, and interpretation. It also describes the method of visualization the remote sensing data by placing it in analytical information system «RegionView»

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