Historiography of the Old Belief and Researchers Coming from the Old Believers in the Baikal Region

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Гуманитарные науки. Humanities & Social Sciences. 2018 11 (8)
Abaev, Nikolay V.; Zhuk, Oleg V.
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Abaev, Nikolay V.: Tuvan State University 36 Lenin Str., Kyzyl, Republic Tuva, 667000, Russia; Zhuk, Oleg V.: Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies SB RAS 6 Sakhyanovoi, Ulan-Ude, 670047, Russia;
The Semey; Old Believers; Russian Orthodox Church; religion and state

The article analyzes the historiography of the study of the Old Belief and examines the problems of its interpretation, formed under the influence of various ideological concepts and methodological approaches to this problem. The object of research of this work is the formation of various positions of historians in connection with the temporal and social aberration, the attitude of the state, the church to the phenomenon of the Old Belief, and also the process of forming its own historiography. The subject of the study is the patterns of the evolution of historiography on this issue and the formation of the Old Believers’ own historiographical concept

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