Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences / Synergetic Anthropology as a New Approach to the Method of Humanities

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: 2008, Vol. 1, Issue 2
Horuzhy, Sergey S.
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Institute of Synergetic Anthropology,7a Vavilova str., Moskow 117321 Russia, E-mail:
phenomenon of Man; non-classical (synergetic) anthropology; principles of energetic and extreme nature; anthropological border; anthropological unlocking; topological philosophy; ontological topic; ontic topic; virtual topic; antropologized episteme

The article presents the basic principles and methods of synergetic anthropology, a new school of thought that offers an alternative to classical European anthropology and which makes it possible to describe and analyze topical problems of the phenomenon of Man. Abandoning up the fundamental triad “essence – substance-subject” leads one to search for new concepts and to the structural and methodological transformation of the anthropological discourse. The description of anthropological reality is developed not in terms of essence and its derivatives, but on the basis of energy or being-action. The uniqueness peculiarity of thith school becomes evident when it is compared to philosophical (essentialist) or post-structuralist anthropology. The discourse of history is considered as an example of the “anthropologizing transformation” a discourse from the humanities (leading to an “anthropologized episteme”).

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