Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences / Mythical Animals as Representations of the Basic Ideas

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: 2008, Vol. 1, Issue 2
Volkova, Olesya N.
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Siberian Federal University, 79 Svobodny, Krasnoyarsk 660041 Russia, E-mail:
Chinese mythology; “The Book of Mountains and Seas”; mythical animals; Chinese characters; graphic representations of mythical animals; symbolic model of the world

This paper offers an original interpretation of the images of Chinese mythical animals selected from “The Book of Mountains and Seas”. The author interprets the images as representations of the basic principles of Chinese philosophy and assumes that these supernatural creatures reconstitute a symbolic zoomorphic model of the world. The paper also analyzes the Chinese characters representing mythical animals. This analysis reveals the divine nature of these mythical

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