Estimation of Emergencies Risks on the Hydroelectric Power Station in Krasnoyarsk Region

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Техника и технологии. Engineering & Technologies. 2008 1 (2)
Burtzev, Andrey A.; Nicheporchuk, Valery V.; Simonov, Konstantin V.
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Андрей А. Бурцев: Сибирский региональный центр МЧС России, 660049 Россия, Красноярск, пр. Мира, 35; Валерий В. Ничепорчук, Константин В. Симонов: Институт вычислительного моделирования СО РАН, 660036 Россия, Красноярск, Академгородок, e-mail:
risk; failure after-effect; damage

Problems of the analysis of nature and technogenic danger and estimation of the territorial risks connected with large hydraulic engineering constructions are considered. The calculation algorithm for failure after-effects on hydraulic engineering constructions of the hydroelectric power station is proposed. It consists of the following steps: development of digital cards based on models of the estimated area relief, preparation of initial data about adverse process considered, calculations of break wave parameters, estimation of the flooded areas and objects, and estimation of damage if the scripts of failures marked out are realized. Examples of hypothetical failures for Krasnoyarsk and Boguchan HPS are described.

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