Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics. 2019 12 (2)

  1. Symmetry Analysis of Ideal Fluid Equations in Terms of Trajectories and Weber’s Potential
    p. 133–144; Andreev, Victor K.; Krasnova, Daria A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  2. Limit Cycles for a Class of Polynomial Differential Systems Via Averaging Theory
    p. 145–159; Bendjeddou, Ahmed; Berbache, Aziza; Kina, Abdelkrim
    full text (.pdf) / abstract / supplementary material
  3. Theoretical and Numerical Result for Linear Optimization Problem Based on a New Kernel Function
    p. 160–172; Derbal, Louiza; Kebbiche, Zakia
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  4. The Variety of Nilpotent Tortkara Algebras
    p. 173–184; Gorshkov, Ilya B.; Kaygorodov, Ivan; Kytmanov, Alexey A.; Salim, Mohamed A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  5. Symmetries of Differential Ideals and Differential Equations
    p. 185–190; Kaptsov, Oleg V.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  6. Logarithmic Barrier Method Via Minorant Function for Linear Programming
    p. 191–201; Leulmi, Assma; Leulmi, Soumia
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  7. The Study of Ethanol and Water Mixing Modes in the T-shaped Micromixers
    p. 202–212; Lobasov, Alexander S.; Shebeleva, Anna A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  8. The Influence of Changes in the Internal Energy of the Interface on a Two-Layer Flow in a Cylinder
    p. 213–221; Magdenko, Evgeniy P.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  9. On a Quantum Logical Element Associated with the Radical of a Complex Matrix
    p. 222–230; Durakov, Matvey E.; Kerp, Anton S.; Lukotkin, Anton S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  10. Heterogeneous System MMPP/GI(2)/∞ with Random Customers Capacities
    p. 231–239; Pankratova, Ekaterina V.; Moiseeva, Svetlana P.; Farhadov, Mais P.; Moiseev, Alexandr N.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  11. Solution of Non-stationary Motion of Binary Mixture by Laplace Transformation
    p. 240–248; Darabi, Nemat B.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  12. Data Modeling in the Solution of Difficult-to-Formalize Socio-Economic Problems
    p. 249–260; Simonov, Konstantin V.; Kurako, Mikhail A.; Kabanov, Alexey A.; Kapsargin, Fedor P.; Zueva, Lubov F.; Ershov, Artem V.; Grib, Svetlana N.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract