Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences / 2011, Vol. 4, Issue 8

  1. Sociology of Emotions: Relationship of the Orientations on Value Experiences and Core Values
    p. 1073-1082; Nemirovskiy, Valentin G.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract / supplementary material
  2. The Information Model of the Controlling Meta-System in the Entrepreneurial Activity Management
    p. 1083-1087; Viktoruk, Tatiana Ye.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  3. Phytolith Research of Shilka-12 and Zaostrovka-2 Archaeological Settlements on Middle Yenisey
    p. 1088-1099; Mandryka, Pavel V.; Grenaderova, Anna V.; Titova, Julia A.; Lisyutina, Evgeniya О.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  4. Formation of a Critical Attitude to Information in University Students Through a Social Media Project Based on the Wiki Technology
    p. 1100-1108; Arseniev, Kirill S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  5. The Visualization of Ethnic Theme in the Khakass Artists Paintings and Graphic Works of Art
    p. 1109-1126; Nevolko, Natalia N.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  6. The Evenkiya Municipal District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory - an Experimental Field for the Business Incubator Creation
    p. 1127-1131; Kirko, Vladimir I.; Koptseva, Natalya P.; Keusch, Anna V.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  7. The Symbolic Potential of Culture
    p. 1132-1152; Aslamazishvili, Dina N.; Ignatov, Nikolay A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  8. Expert Seminar Modern humanities knowledge and the position of a researcher as a factor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory universities integration into the global academic space (November 2, 2010)
    p. 1153-1191; Koptseva, Natalya P.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  9. Resurgence of Taliban
    p. 1192-1207; Kumar, Suneel
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  10. Chinas Military Presence in Africa: Implications for Africas Woobling Peace
    p. 1208-1220; Enuka, Chuka
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  11. Doubts about the Article Chinas Military Presence in Africa: Implications for Africas Wobbling Peace
    p. 1221-1223; Xianghong, Zeng
    full text (.pdf) / abstract