SibFU Journal. Biology: 2011 (Vol. 4, Issue 4)

  1. The Effect of Local Conditions on Tree-Ring Growth Dynamics of Gmelin Larch in the North of Central Siberia
    p. 314-324; Tabakova, Maria A.; Kirdyanov, Alexander V.; Bryukhanova, Marina V.; Prokushkin, Anatoly S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  2. Tree-Ring Variability of Larch (Larix Sibirica Ledeb.) in Different Landscape Positions of the Terekhol Depression, Tuva, Russia in the 20th Century
    p. 325-337; Kuznetsova, Ekaterina P.; Kozlov, Daniil N.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  3. Distribution of Frost Damages in Siberian Spruce (Picea Obovata Ledeb.) on the Two Different Slope Aspects at the Upper Tree Line Ecotone of the Southern Urals
    p. 338-354; Gurskaya, Marina A.; Moiseev, Pavel A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  4. Indication of Extreme Weather Events on the Wood Anatomy of Oak Trees (Quercus Robur L.) From the Central European Russia
    p. 355-367; Khassanov, Bulat F.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  5. Construction and analysis of 1104-year tree-ring chronology Tarys the Altai-Sayan region (South-eastern Tuva)
    p. 368-377; Oydupaa, O.Ch.; Barinov, V.V.; Serdobov, V.N.; Myglan, Vladimir S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  6. Dendroclimatic Investigations of Pinus Sylvestris L. on Keretsky Archipelago Islands, the White Sea
    p. 378-388; Tishin, Denis V.; Chizhikova, Nelli A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  7. Estimation of Biases in RCS Chronologies of Tree Rings
    p. 389-404; Matskovsky, Vladimir V.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract / supplementary material
  8. The Reconstruction of Gypsy Moth Outbreaks on the Zilair Plateau by Oak-Trees Radial Growth Analysis
    p. 405-415; Kucherov, Sergey E.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  9. Impact of Patial Releases in Mixed Korean Pine-Broadleaved Stands on the Natural Regeneration Processes
    p. 416-431; Ukhvatkina, Olga N.; Omelko, Alexander M.; Krestov, Pavel V.; Zmerenetsky, Alexander A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract