Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences / Investigation and the Level of Its Independence

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences. 2020 13 (1)
Bochkarev, Sergei A.
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Bochkarev, Sergei A.: Institute of State and Law Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russian Federation;
investigator; head of investigative body; independence; administrative influence; organizational structure of investigative bodies

The article presents the results of the scientific study “The State of the Domestic Justice System: An Inside Look at Its Self-Sufficiency and Independence”. The state of the problem of self-sufficiency and independence in the sociological group of investigators is studied. The statistical criterion has been used to identify paired relationships between the questionnaire answers, and Pearson fitting criterion or the χ2 (X squared) criterion has been used to analyze qualitative data. It is concluded that the existing guarantees of self-sufficiency and independence of investigators fail to function, and subordinate relations dominate in practice. This happens due to the existing level of senior management interference in the procedural activities of subordinate employees, which complicates the process of objective consideration (investigation) of cases and the adoption of legal procedural decisions on them. Unlike investigators, most heads of investigative bodies understand the problem of self-sufficiency and independence as a contradiction to external threats. Therefore, they primarily try to neutralise them, not paying attention to the intrasystem threats, which are fundamental for investigators

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