Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics / Direct and Inverse Problems on the Joint Movement of the Three Viscous Liquids in the Flat Layers

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics: 2011, Vol. 4, Issue 3
Lemeshkova, Elena N.
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Lemeshkova, Elena N. : e-mail:
interface; boundary value problem; Laplace transformation

The exact stationary decision of the problem about the joint movement of the three viscous liquids in the flat layers has been found. The decision of the direct and inverse non-stationary problem has been given in the form of the final analytical formulas using the method of Laplas transformation. The following statement has been proved: if a gradient of the pressure in one liquid has a final limit, then the decision is located on a stationary mode. Also for a problem about the the flooded layer movement it has been shown that velocities converge to the different constants with the time growth.

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