Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: Refraction of Rock Culture Through a Prism of Japanese National Traditions / The Works of the Onmyo-Za (J-Rock) Band

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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences: 2017, Vol. 10, Issue 8
Danilova, Elvira A.; Elovskaya, Natalia A.
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Danilova, Elvira A.: Krasnoyarsk State Medical University 1 Partizana Zheleznyaka, Krasnoyarsk, 660022, Russia; ; Elovskaya, Natalia A.: Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts 22 Lenin Str., Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia;
J-Rock; Japanese; Heian; traditional music; poetry; Japanese poetry; rock; images; musical instruments; Gagaku; J-Rock

The article is devoted to the consideration of the peculiarities of the American-European rock culture in the key of the musical, literary and general cultural traditions of Japan. The main purpose is to reveal the features of the Japanese national art, which are piercing the work of the Japanese rock band Onmyo-Za. The fundamental methods of the research were the method of historical and theoretical musicology, as well as the linguistic and content analysis. Based on the material of independent music compositions and compositions that make up the albums, the article considers specific examples of cultural refraction that have arisen in connection with the typical features of the Japanese mentality: borrowing and modifying foreign features in accordance with their traditions and philosophy. The Onmyo-Za band is the confirmation of the principle of synthesis of traditional and American-European principles taken as a basis for this work. The compositions are distinguished by the organic nature of the fusion of the Japanese national culture and western rock music. Traditionally, the Japanese manifested itself both at the contensive, figurative-semantic level and at the musical level. The study showed that the style of the Onmyo-Za band is an example of rock music with an organic embodiment of the distinctive features of Japanese traditions inscribed in the world context of rock culture

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