Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics. 2020 13 (4)

  1. Centers and Limit Cycles of Generalized Kukles Polynomial Differential Systems: Phase Portraits and Limit Cycles
    p. 387–397; Belfar, Ahlam; Benterki, Rebiha
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  2. On Error Estimates in Sp for Cubature Formulas Exact for Haar Polynomials
    p. 398–413; Kirillov, Kirill A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  3. Algebraic Geometry over Heyting Algebras
    p. 414–421; Nouri, Mahdiyeh
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  4. On Estimation of Bivariate Survival Function from Random Censored Data
    p. 422–430; Abdushukurov, Abdurakhim A.; Muradov, Rustamjon S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  5. Magnetic and Structure Properties of CoPt-In₂O₃ Nanocomposite Films
    p. 431–438; Bykova, Liudmila E.; Myagkov, Victor G.; Zhigalov, Victor S.; Matsynin, Alexei A.; Velikanov, Dmitry A.; Bondarenko, Galina N.; Patrin, Gennady S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract / supplementary material
  6. To the Question of Analytical Estimate of Evaporation Time of the Drop, Crossing Through the Heat Media
    p. 439–450; Gladkov, Sergey O.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  7. Structural Changes of Co Caused a Change of the Solution pH During Chemical Deposition
    p. 451–458; Podorozhnyak, Sergey A.; Chzhan, Anatoly V.; Maltsev, Vadim K.; Krayuhin, Ivan N.; Patrin, Gennady S.; Sakash, Irina Yu.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  8. The Study of the Fine Structure of Ti-Al Coatings on the Surface of Ti, Obtained by Mechanical Alloying
    p. 459–465; Sagdoldina, Zhuldyz B.; Rakhadilov, Baurzhan K.; Abylkalykova, Riza B.; Kveglis, Lyudmila I.; Shalaev, Pavel O.; Kozhanova, Rauan S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  9. Lᵖ Regularity of the Solution of the Heat Equation with Discontinuous Coefficients
    p. 466–479; Kouicem, Selma; Chikouche, Wided
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  10. Rate of the Almost Sure Convergence of a Generalized Regression Estimate Based on Truncated and Functional Data
    p. 480–491; Boudada, Halima; Leulmi, Sara; Kharfouch, Soumia
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  11. Generalized Contractions to Coupled Fixed Point Theorems in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces
    p. 492–502; Seshagiri Rao, N.; Kalyani, Karusala
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  12. On New Decomposition Theorems in some Analytic Function Spaces in Bounded Pseudoconvex Domains
    p. 503–514; Shamoyan, Romi F.; Tomashevskaya, Elena B.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract