SibFU Journal. Engineering and Technologies / Editor-in-Chief

Кулагин Владимир АлексеевичEditor-in-Chief of the Journal of Siberian Federal University. Engineering and Technologies: Vladimir A. Kulagin, Dr. of Engineering Sciences, Full Professor, Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Heat Technology and Fluid Dynamics of Polytechnic Institute of Siberian Federal University.

Prof. Kulagin has founded a new scientific direction in applied hydrodynamics – cavitation nano-technology. He organized a scientific school with its main sphere of interest in designing energy efficient technologies and equipment in heat and power engineering and other branches of industry. Major attention is given to cavitation phenomenon under limitation flows conditions and also in multicomponent phases. Results obtained for cavitation are characterized by general regularities for any fluids taking into account significant influence of heat- and mass transfer processes, influencing significantly the hydrodynamic phenomena behaviour.

Prof. Kulagin’s most significant scientific results in fundamental research concern foundation of cavitation influence on multicomponent polydisperse phases, its practical application grows each year. Phenomenological and mathematical models developed for supercavitation flows assisted in development of modeling and design methods of production equipment, technical and techno-logical ways for new composites with unique physical and chemical properties.

Author of 400 scientific works, including 18 monographs, 22 educational and training manuals, including 8 textbooks classified by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and 13 patents, has trained 14 candidates and three doctors of science. RSCI: 1780 citations, HI = 19 (February 2024).