An Identification Problem of Memory Function of a Medium and the Form of an Impulse Source

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Математика и физика. Mathematics & Physics. 2009 2 (2)
Durdiev, Durdimurod K.
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Durdiev, Durdimurod K. M.Ikbol street 11, Bukhara, 705018, Uzbekistan
Ключевые слова
inverse problem; hyperbolic equation; stability; uniqueness

In the paper the problem of identification of two functions, one of which is under the integral sign in a hyperbolic equation and represents the mediums memory, the other one defines the regular part of an impulse source is considered. As additional information Fourier image trace solution of a direct problem on the hyperplane y = 0 for two different values of transformation parameters is given. The estimate of stability of the solution of the inverse problem and the uniqueness theorems is proved.

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