Calculation of Protolytic Equilibria Parameters on a Surface of Some Carbon Adsorbents According to Potentiometric Titration Data

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Химия. Chemistry. 2008 1 (4)
Lukianov, Alexey N.; Kononova, Olga N.; Kachin, Sergey V.
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Alexey N. Lukianov, Olga N. Kononova and Sergey V. Kachin: Siberian Federal University 79 Svobodny, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia, e-mail:
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Activated Carbon; Protolytic equilibria; Adsorption properties; Chemical Structure; Surface Properties

Constants and Gibbs energy values of neutralization were calculated for protolytic equilibria on carbon adsorbents based on anthracite, charcoal and brown coal. A proposal regarding composition of surface functional groups of these sorbents was made.

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