Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences / 2012, Vol. 5, Issue 3

  1. Socio-Cultural Study of Leisure Needs and Preferences of People with Disabilities Living in the City of Krasnoyarsk
    p. 307-323; Koptseva, Natalia P.; Bakhova, Natalia A.; Zamaraeva, Julia S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  2. The First Institute for the Humanities of Yakutia
    p. 324-334; Kupershtokh, Natalia A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  3. Erroneous Detention as a Type of Fundamental Mistake in Criminal Procedure
    p. 335-339; Nazarov, Alexander D.; Drobyshevsky, Sergei A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  4. Peculiarities of Underage Witnesses and Victims Examination Training
    p. 340-346; Zhuravleva, Irina A.; Drobyshevsky, Sergei A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  5. Large-volume Magazine at the Boundary of the ХХ-ХХI Centuries: Ideological Diffusion and Gnoseological Core
    p. 347-357; Govoruhina, Yulia A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  6. Towards Constituting the Identity of the Universe: Apophaticism and Transcendental Delimiters in Cosmology
    p. 358-394; Nesteruk, Alexei V.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  7. On Ensuring of the State Progress with Law
    p. 395-402; Drobyshevsky, Sergei A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  8. Social Entirety of the State and Social Extremism
    p. 403-422; Klachkov, Pavel V.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract / supplementary material
  9. Professional Self-Actualization as the Basis of Employee Loyalty
    p. 423-429; Perfilyeva, Marina B.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  10. A Change in the Structure of Training of Qualified Specialists for Providing the Sustainable Innovative Development of the Region
    p. 430-437; Popodko, Galina I.; Nagaeva, Olga S.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  11. Concept of Circumstances Excluding Criminality of Act
    p. 438-442; Sevastyanov, Alexander P.; Kondrashov, Andrey A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  12. History of Emergence and Development of the Russian Accounting for Small Enterprises
    p. 443-450; Kharchenko, Olga N.; Turovets, Anna A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract
  13. Petty Offense (Part 2 of Art. 14 of the Criminal Code) and Administrative Responsibility
    p. 451-457; Pitetski, Vadim V.; Kondrashov, Andrey A.
    full text (.pdf) / abstract