Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology / Editorial Policy

Submission of the articles

  • Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology accepts for publication original research articles, short reports and reviews.
  • Submissions to the journal should not include papers that have been published previously or are under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Reviews and materials of science events (conferences, symposia, round tables, schools etc.) are published by the invitation of the editor.
  • Publication is free of charge.
  • The copyright on materials published by Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology is owned by Siberian Federal University.
  • The language of publication is either Russian or English.
  • Article submission guidelines are available in Russian and English. If a paper fails to meet submission requirements or goes beyond the scope of the edition, it may be rejected without further processing.
  • Manuscripts are submitted only in the electronic format via the web site. For registration, use the link:, fill in all obligatory fields and follow the instructions to receive a login and password.
  • To provide competent peer review of the manuscript, indicate three experts reputable in the relevant field of biology. Include their affiliations, e-mails, and two to three relevant publications in journals included in the Web of Science ISI.
  • Manuscripts are routinely subjected to check for incorrect borrowing and plagiarism with the plagiarism detection software “Anti-plagiarism”.

Preprint policy

A preprint is a science manuscript posted on a public server prior to a formal peer review.

Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology will consider articles previously available as preprints on non-commercial servers for peer review. After publication in the journal, authors are requested to update any pre-publication versions with a link to the finalised published article.

Authors may also post the finalised published version of the article immediately after publication.

Article reviewing

  • All articles are subjected to “single-blind” reviewing by at least two experts appointed by the science editor. The experts are selected from the list provided by the authors, or from the base of reviewers of the Journal.
  • The final decision on publication of the manuscript is made by the editorial board.
  • In case of a negative review, the author will receive a justified refusal.
  • If an article is accepted for publication, the science editor will inform the author of the number of the issue it will be published in.
  • All the reviews and correspondence between the parties involved are stored in the editorial office and on the server of the Siberian Federal University within at least 5 years.

Publication of the articles

  • After a paper has been accepted for publication, the science editor of the journal is fully responsible for processing the manuscript (editing, page proofing, proofreading).
  • The layout of the prepared article and a form for corrections will be sent to the corresponding author for final approval.
  • Within 5 working days after the mailing of the layout the author is obliged to send the form with corrections as well as a complete and signed license agreement to the editorial office. The form of the license agreement is available on the site of the journal. It is possible to send a scanned document by e-mail (to the address specified in the page-proof package, or to ) or to submit the original hard copy of the agreement. Absence of the agreement can be treated as a reason for publication refusal.

Journal Archiving

To ensure long-term digital preservation of published articles, Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology deposits them in the following digital archives:

  • Digital Repository of Siberian Federal University
  • Russian Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY.RU)
  • CyberLeninka

The journal enables automated 'harvesting' of the published research articles for inclusion in any other databases and digital archives to ensure the security and permanent accessibility of the research.


There are no rubricated sections in this journal. We prefer theme-focused issues which aim to bring together authors from one area of biology.


All electronic versions of the published articles are open access.

To receive specific printed issues of the journal please send your request to or call +7 391 206-21-49.

The printed version of the journal is distributed on the territory of Russian Federation by subscription through the “Press of Russia” catalogue.