Журнал СФУ. Гуманитарные науки. 2011 4 (11)

  1. Values of Innovation for Students, Experts and Entrepreneurs in Krasnoyarsk: Desired Ideal, Hopes and Reality
    стр. 1507-1525; Moskvich, Yury N.; Viktoruk, Elena N.
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  2. The Concept State in Local Culture of Krasnoyarsk: the Results of an Associative Experiment Based on the Method Series of Thematic Associations»
    стр. 1526-1542; Semyonova, Alexandra A.
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  3. The Phenomenon of the Other as a Socioforming Factor of Krasnoyarsk Region (Based on the Association Experiment Method by A.I. Nazarov)
    стр. 1543-1552; Fedina, Ekaterina V.
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  4. Specific Character of Modern Interethnic Relations in Krasnoyarsk Territory as Per Associative Experiment
    стр. 1553-1576; Kivkutsan, Galina V
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  5. Sociocultural Research of the Cultural Requirements of the Residents of the Krasnoyarsk City
    стр. 1577-1588; Koptseva, Natalya P.; Zamaraeva, Julia S.; Sertakova, Ekaterina A.
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  6. New Development Scenarios of Siberia and the Modern University
    стр. 1589-1598; Karlova, Olga A.
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  7. Luxury Brands as a Dominant Visual Sign for the Middle Class in Russia
    стр. 1599-1611; Kevbrin, Eduard S.
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  8. The Qualitative Pedagogical and Biomechanical Analysis of Technical Errorsin the Process of Training of Sportsmen for Complex Skills
    стр. 1612-1623; Suchilin, Nikolay G.; Shevchuk, Yulia V.
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  9. Ritual as a Way of Change, Preservation, Stabilization: Extrahistorical, Prehistorical and Historical Time
    стр. 1624-1638; Lisina, Elena A.
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  10. The Role of the Curtain Walls of the Krasnoyarsk Double Enforced Ostrog in the Tradition of the City Building
    стр. 1639-1649; Gevel, Katerina V.
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  11. Discretion in Law: Human-Centric Approach
    стр. 1650-1657; Skudarnov, Alexey S.
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  12. Socially-Demographic Characteristics of Primary School age Children who have Traumatic Experience
    стр. 1658-1666; Nyamaa, Jantsan
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